Improve the power of your brain


Real Coach

Fake Coach


Play games with you

He will never play with you fearing of beaten by you and say lame reasons that i don't have time to play with you

Even if you beat him on the board it doesn't mean that you doesn’t need him. As you are consistently training your skills as a player and he is consistently training his skills as a coach he may lose in certain occasions which actually shows the signs of your improvement. Fake coaches never know this fact

Analyse your games

He may analyse your games but that analysis is only a superficial one like he may say "because of this move you lost" and those simple comments doesn't provide any value addition to your game.

Real coach will actually set an algorithm in your brain which you can use for analysis of your own games. He should only help to find the right choice in that algorithm so that you can find the right plan

Assess your strengths and weaknesses

Simply he doesn't have time for it. He is more worried about his timing to coach his next student during your lessons/games

It’s not about timing. Experience of the coach matters the most to assess your strengths and weaknesses. Once he finds them then he can prepare a plan on you to work on

Tell what you need to work

He may give you a 1000 exercises to work on and those tasks are so huge you can never complete

Work should aim at improving the quality of a player not on quantity of performed work. tasks should be simple and informative!!!

Preparation of your training plan

He can't give any training plan. Fake coach will have only timing plan to fit all his 100 students with in his timings so as earn more money.

A training plan is essential why because academic subjects have a curriculum. Chess doesn't have that. Hence a student doesn't know what he has to work on with

Teaching lessons

Without a training plan and proper analysis of your games, lessons also will be like shooting in air without any real targets

If a real coach teaches you a lesson even for one hour after analysing your games you will feel some value addition to your kitten. More over his lessons are well designed exclusively for you concentrating more on improving your overall chess understanding!!!

Home work

May give you a book or software to practice on but it may not be enough. You may not understand how those exercises will improve your performance in the tournament. At the outset you will recognize that your performance/non-performance is not the result of his coaching

Home work should be related to the lessons he taught you. Those tasks should improve your overall understanding of the lessons. That means your game must improve in terms of quality!!!

Checking home work

May not check your homework as he may not have time to do so. or check only superficially with out any real recommendations

Real coach scrutinize your entire homework and give you recommendations which can be used right away in your games and correct your mistakes!!!

Answering your questions

He may show anger on you or give unrealistic answer which you may not understand

Patience is the key to success. If your coach does not have it how can he inculcate it inside you!!!

Collection of useful positions/ games to train you

90% of coaches doesn't know how to use chess programmes properly for training. They simply doesn't know what to collect and what to teach

Showing examples of the lessons/principles will certainly boost your understanding of the game. Hence real coaches will invest huge time normally more than the student's working time to train!!!

Give you opening repertoires in PGN format

May a give you a repertoire book with 300pages to learn from

Give you a readymade repertoire and explains throughout the move so that you can learn fast!!!

Arrange Players to Play with You

He may not asks you to play with other good players as they can beat you or he may fear you will have better contacts and desert him. Even during the tournament time they accompany you and prevent you from talking with other players and coaches

Playing with other players and computer engine is essential to test your learned skills. After the end of middle game, end of endgame, end of opening preparation you must play the good players including computer to test your skills. Sometimes players charge money to play games with you. However paying them is not a bad idea keeping in view of the benefits you get from them!!!

Assist you with the technicalities of chess software’s

Technicalities huh! Nonsense!!! What are they???

Coach will teach you how to get information about the opponent in a tournament situation with the help of technology in the absence of him!!!

Psychological training

Where is the time for him to know about your psychology? He has 100 students…LOL!!!

Real coach can't take more than 5 students per year hence he will find all the time in the world to concentrate on each every aspect of student psychology. That knowledge he can use in suggesting him proper openings, choosy middle game plans, end game structures and opponent preparation!!!

Improve your concentration via meditation etc.

He is least bothered about your concentration. His concentration is only to finish your class somehow and catch up the next student

A coach's primary attention must be to improve student's concentration because chess is a concrete game!!!

Observation Of Your Age Group Opponents Regularly To Provide You Feed Back

When He Doesn't Have Time To Observe His Own Students We May Forget About The Age Group Opponents

For a child to come up in the ladder a coach must know the openings and strategies of his age group opponents so that he can prepare plans against them. Even if it is not possible sometimes based on the feedback provided by his student he should prepare plans against them. Sometimes with the help of a good coach, student win the match at home and go to a tournament for execution of those moves at the real game. That’s the power of pregame preparation!!!

Updating His Current Chess Knowledge

He May Pretend To Have Such Knowledge But Practically Impossible When He Is Teaching Even 10 Students

Every tournament, chess news, latest developments in opening, middle game plans a coach should keep track!!!

Plan Your Participation In Tournaments

He will never assess your strength before participating in tournaments. He always pushes you to play tournaments.

It’s a well-known fact that playing a tournament will immensely benefit a chess player. Normally in a tournament match if you lose anybody will take that result seriously. However there is another side of the coin. In India, USA and Europe there is a method called "k factor" for certain number of games. If you play more games early on during your career without achieving sufficient strength to participate you are going to lose the opportunity to increase your rating rapidly. Hence real coach will carefully assess your strength before suggesting you to participate in a tournament. Even ex-world champion Garry Kasparov’s coaches did that!!!

Preparation Against Your Opponents During The Tournaments (Most Important)

He will never do that or do that only with his superficial understanding of the game which is not useful in the game anyway

This preparation is the key to success in tournaments. A coach should follow student's current opponents and find their mistakes in the games and should give hints to the student in their pregame preparation. However this possible only when opponent's games are available in the internet or during the tournament if student see some lines of the same player!!!

He should not coach more than 5 students per year

For most of the coaches coaching is a profession. So they will take any number of students for money.

A real coach should perform all the above tasks consistently for all of his pupils. No person on earth with the available time can perform all of the above duties with more than 5 students on hand!!!





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