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Before explaining how we teach a player in our academy we would like to make a point that during very early age of their career Magnus Carlsen, Jose Raul Capablanca, Garry Kasparov, Bobby Fischer, Viswanathan Anand and many other top grand masters achieved victories over well-experienced grand masters/ strong players who has worked 20-30 years on chess in their life at the highest level during their times. When they achieved those victories their age is lesser than those grand masters’experience.
Please keep in mind that it is not possible for a coach to train the student over billions of possible positions in the game of chess. To be precise there are 1043 possible positions in chess. So there must be one algorithm to learn all the positions which these grand masters trained themselves during very early age of their career by their coaches. That algorithm got improved time and again over the history of chess. Russians dominated the chess world for many decades using that algorithm scientifically developed by Botvinnik chess school. After the dissolution of Soviet Union in 1991 the principles of that secret algorithm revealed to the rest of the world.

Even today that algorithm was very secret among the coaches and 90% of coaches are still unaware of it.

What conclusions can we draw from this information?

1. We require an algorithm to understand the billions of positions that can arise during a game of chess.
2. That algorithm should be unique should suffice any position that can arise during the game.
3. To develop as a strong player we need to posses such formula in our brain and train ourselves based on the principles of that algorithm.
4. Once we evolve as a principled chess player then we should test our skills in tournaments.
5. After some trial and error during our games, corrections and learning, achievements will automatically follow.

At winners chess academy we teach the players that secret algorithm and train to make their mind strong in chess and psychologically. We believe in the following method of instruction.

1. We play games with student and assess his level of understanding in chess.
2. We study students strengths and weaknesses.
3. We teach the student a principle out of our secret algorithm with instructive examples to come out of weaknesses.
4. We give home tasks to students for practicing those learned principles.
5. We check their home tasks in depth and try to analyze the thinking algorithm of student and make necessary correction.
6. Once the student brain’s metamorphosis is complete regarding one principle then we teach all the remaining steps of algorithm in the same way and we virtually change his thinking system to suit his future needs in the tournament.
7. Then we arrange players/computer opponents to test the students’ trained skills.
8. After analyzing the games we make necessary corrections in the student’s thinking process and carefully select the tournaments he can participate.
9. While he is playing the tournaments we do analyze his opponent’s games before the match and provide all the necessary stuff and feedback to our student in our pre-game preparation as a second to the player. We have an established track record for acting as a second to strong players in European championship and commonwealth and many other international tournaments.
10. Irrespective of the student’s wins/losses we carefully analyze the games and keep on updating our students about their mistakes in planning, tactics, positions and assist with all the help for him to become a strong player.

There are a certain special occasions which may require a coach’s attention for some temporary students such as:

1. A Tournament was announced and player has to prepare in a short time.
2. A player might be weak in playing some opening, middle game and endgame positions
3. A player might be weak in recognizing tactics
4. A player might be weak in positional play
5. A player might be weak psychologically even though he was a good player
6. Targeting a strong player in a tournament
7. Some special circumstances which can’t be mentioned here

In such situations also we offer highly personalized coaching to come out of such specific problems

All in all chess training is a hefty task fake coaches will never able to do properly with their 50+ students (Real coach Vs Fake coach). Hence we don’t accept more than 5 students in a year for facilitating us in doing all this stuff to each and every student. We value ethics and principles in chess and never reveal any information about one student to the other under any circumstances. Students can contact on our email or phone for lessons and training packages.





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